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Hi Val,
Thanks I will try them.
I dont know how he will be with other dogs as last year he was frightened by a firework going off and we could not get him to go out other than in the garden.  He would be all exited to go out, get to the end of the drive, stop, turn and pull you back to the door. Its been a long hard process to try and increase this and am only now getting him out for a decent walk, so he has not had much opportunity to interact with other dogs.
Before this he was always fine with other dogs but as he has not had much contact with them i dont know how he would be residing with another one.          it is the first time i will be leaving him and I thought it best for him to be the only one.  Maybe i am wrong and it would be good for him I dont know. I will discuss this with boarders and get their view

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