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Hi Melinda

Bev not a great lover of flyball to be honest – she seen a lot of injuries through it.

My dog was totally obsessed with balls – now he couldnt really care that much about them – prefers hide the duck (rubber duck) or scent stuff or just running with mommy  ;D  oh and swimming in skanky water that is a big favourite but at flyball he would get the ball and generally spit it at me – they pick the stuff up quick.  All the other dogs were manic – he was under bench sleeping in between runs. 

We dont do it now – great for social stuff and I really enjoyed it as did he but it is very Yorkshire based as far as competitions go and the travelling was too much for us.  I started for fun but soon the competitive edge takes over. 

Agility is much more controlled and a real good one for obedience and bonding and working together.
Depends what you are looking for to be honest. 

He will look at you trying to catch him as a game.  I would just ignore him he will soon come back with the ball – not much fun just running around with it with no one to throw it.

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