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I do not post on here much but I felt compelled to reply to this because I am so shocked about what is going on in your house

Thàt’s a ittybitty harsh Claire, they are not beating him up with a stick or something like that. Kids are a little harder to control when they get older. God knows what awaits us when they grow in their teens ::) …. Wild kids create wild dogs. Put my Dies and my son in the same room, just turn your back on them and we got nitroglycerine in my house too  :whistle: . They just all need to know how far they can go, what’s goodygoody and what’s a BIG nono.
My son tought Diesman and Wook how to drag a toddler by the diper  :tease: .
Now Diesel has tought himself the art of tug of war games by using my son’s tshirt without hurting the boy in any way ::) . That’s a nono  >:( .
But not a BIG nono. That title is reserved for everything than can realy hurt the dogs OR kids.
I don’t mind rough games, and i probably play rougher than most folks would BUT…. it should never ever get out of hand. You just got to know when you got to stop befor you go to far. With kids it just takes longer for them to find out where that border is. And it is up to the parents to teach them that  😉 .
Griffgrogg just got her view about what the dog’s doing a little wrong, but atleast she sees there needs to be something done befor it get’s out of control. Usually folks wait till sh0t hit’s the fan.

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