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funny Nacho 😀 😀
the last time i crisped up the skins it stank the house out 😀

i was mainly asking as i have a nice bit of pig skin with some fat and a bit of meat on it so i was wondering if i could give him that raw
He will love you he will love you he will loveeeeeyou  :yes: .

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low oven to dry it hour – dont be in a rush for it though  ;D  Nacho sits at oven door then in a down at door then sleeps at door until the smell changes then he is like this  :hungry: at door – can clean the whole house in the time it takes to dry it out without him stalking me.
Try putting microwave on his hight and defrost his food or meattreats…. is like my boys are watching television  :yes: . What is it with stickyboys and food ha? Only time they are not living in your pantspocket  ::) .

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