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We’ve kinda managed to get the ball off him by waiting for him to drop it, then rewarding him or by swapping it for a different tennis ball at the moment.  When we’re out on a walk I ignore him and let him carry it around.  I know there’s a better way than this, so it’s one of the things I plan on asking Bev to help me with when she next visits.

I didn’t think about Flyball injuries.. I thought agility would be worse which is why I was thinking Flyball, so will hold off for now and talk to Bev about his suitability for Agility when she’s better. Oscar has a little bit of crepitus in his knees and Bev says he has a little bit of arthritis in his spine so probably not a good choice of sport for him.

I just quite fancy having a go at some kind of dog sport, i’ve been desperate to do it for ages but Simba’s not cut out for it (far too busy being the Queen of the world).  Oscar’s quite hyper so I think, if I can get the focus and control I need, he’d enjoy some kind of sport.


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