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no Claire had a traumatic labour, waters broke on monday didnt go into labour so was induced, put on the drip on thurs but my contractions were distressing Ava, her heartrate was dropping, so had to have fetal head sampling done 3 times and each time i passed out due to how i was laid, then it was forceps del, so got cut  ::) but the worse pain was being stiched up  😮 !!

Ava is doing well and growing really fast! Gracie is good with her only issue we have is when we pass Ava between ourselves Gracies jumps up, she is just checking her I think but she hasnt done it as much the last few days.
Gracie is also stressing I think when we all go out and had a runny bum in the house the other day when we were out, and had for a few days the 1st few times we went out without her.

but other than that ok – she dint know what to make of her at 1st and would leave the room, get off the settee if we sat down with her, but we just let her do it all in her own time and so far so good.

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