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Thanks Mudgie

I had a look at it and i’ve had Bev’s rant in person,  she knows what Simba’s problems are and has said raw may not work for her because of her IBD.  Only one way to find out but last time I tried something I was cleaning mess off the walls and poor Simba was miserable and clearly in pain… not nice.  :-\

I am taking her advice regarding Oscar, and he’ll be having raw bones to keep his teethies clean, but his teeth are pretty good anyway, plus I reckon he’d let me clean them with a brush, unlike madam.

Don’t know what to do for my poor girl though, she’s not very ‘well made’ unfortunately.

I wonder if there are any great big fish bones I can get?  Maybe chicken might be ok, I don’t know.

I’m so worried about her having a GA though.

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