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Thanks so much

I will look into the ‘Plaque Off’ and the wild strawberry thing, will that help with the tartar that is already there though?

She is getting signs of Gingivitis, her back teeth are quite dirty (the ones I haven’t reached in our pathetic toothbrush battles).

I’m not sure if she’d eat a Nylabone, but i’ll certainly give it a try if they help.   Like many Rough Collies, she’s very fernickety and obtuse with what she will and won’t eat… I bought a filled bone from [email protected], a ‘herbadent’ thing and she really liked that, and it didn’t upset her but it made her gums bleed like mad and she had blood all down her ruff.

It’s so difficult, i’m not averse to giving bones but if they upset her IBD then she’s in a lot of pain and I feel bad.

I think she may have a predisposition to weak teeth and bones, she’s quite small and slight for her breed and she’s already had one broken leg… apparently from ‘jumping down out of the car’ (before I had her so who knows).  Her breeder told me she is ‘delicate’, whatever that means.

I have looked at James Wellbeloved before, we’ve tried Arden Grange fish and potato and now she’s on ‘Oscar’s petfoods’ herring and potato.  Her actual IBD problems have gone on this diet and she’s healthier in that respect, but obviously it’s not enough to keep her teeth in order.

I don’t know whether to agree to the dental under GA and then start anew with things like Plaque Off, or try and get her teeth in order without her having to go through a full op  ???

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