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Thank you, yes that makes sense.

I got her teeth checked because I noticed her breath had become a bit smelly recently, i’m glad I had the vet look at them, but the vet was adamant nothing except a full descaling under GA was an option.

With her bleeding gums, is this something that may improve if I continue to give her bones?  She’s never really had hard things to chew, simply because she wouldn’t chew them.  It’s only since the addition of our second dog and watching him chew bones that she’s decided she will eat them too (she’s perverse like that).

Either way, I will get the strawberry additive and the Plaque off (does it hurt to use both?) and start giving it to them, as i’m sure it would be a good idea for Oscar to have some of this as a preventative too.

Simba doesn’t like to make anything easy!

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