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Well it could still be the diet as staining is caused by porphyrin, produced by the dogs body and particularly found in saliva or anywhere that moisture collected this can be cleared up by adding a little zinc and vit C to a diet so maybe the lamb is more suited to her it could also be caused by the water she drinks as some water has a high mineral content maybe the water where your business is is different to at home.
Or it could be one of the famous “Four H’s”  “heredity, health, hygiene, and happiness” and these days she’s a happy Honey cos she’s at work again.
Or it could just be if you have taken out the lentils which let’s face it are heavy in most thing you have upped something else in her diet that has the right balance
Just a few idea’s from an old tired brain

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Val the bones are probably clearing off her teeth but the staining around her eyes and mouth has gone – so somethings stopping the staining – does that make sense?

They are green lentils? i dont know what sort exactly?

And she never has pork cooked only raw bones  🙂

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