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Anything fed to excess is “bad” for dogs. I always ask people if they understand the amount of fat that is contained in a turkey skin and how much their dog consumes and how frequently.

I then ask them how much fat is in other foods they feed and how much their dog consumes and how frequently.

Do you know, it has turned out so far that all dogs without exception have, it appears from questioning their owners, consume a great deal more fat than they realised and all, without exception came from meats and skins and other sources rather than turkey?

This is the danger when people try and demonise a particular food or source of food, they throw out all logic.

FWIW I feed my dogs turkey legs once a week with no issues and have done so for 8 years.

They also get suet in the winter when they are working hard as of course dogs energy is provided by fat rather than carbs……….

ps chickens are also inoculated in the same places turkeys are, as are ducks, and all other domestic fowl………………..

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