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First of all I hate the nanny state to which we are all now living in.
On a less personal level I have seen the most horrendous things happen with these chips from dogs nearly breeding to death when they were chipped, to all the lets get trained to chip in a day band that are advertising and chipping all over the UK.
I have seen these chips being removed because they have migrated to shoulders making a dog lame to being removed from feet, one of the most worrying thing is the pet passport two show dogs that I know of this year have found there return journey  come to an end in France one of the dogs had to make a flight to another country back to the breeder the other had to do six months quarantine.
There are laws and different scanners all over the continent in fact the dog that went back to the breeder was tattooed as well as chipped. the owner was left driving across two countries to get him on a flight where he would be safe.
Back on a personal note why would I want to out a foreign object in any of my dogs

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Val can I just ask why you wouln’t chip? just interested  🙂

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