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Sp is right it’s in the red book at all times dogs must be on a lead.
If I was you at ringcraft I would not even put him on a lead, work without it, this makes you more aware of keeping good focus and makes it more enjoyment for him.
Just out of interest have you ever tried changing what you show him on ?
As I said before I think it’s down to lack of focus between you and him and working dogs off lead where the voice is all the contact you have with the dog is something I have used many times, it also works with dogs that rush round a ring as it is usually the handlers pace that is wrong not the dog.
Pleased you got it right at RC

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Hi Val

Just a quick update, at ringcraft I dropped the lead when he was standing and he stood much better and was far more focused on me and showed like a dream.

Hope you wont mind me asking this but will I run foul of any kennel club rule re showing not holding his lead as a friend has suggested I may be breaking a rule! I have seen some exhibitors doing it in gundogs though, I would welcome your advice please.

Gwen  🙂

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