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Don’t know what happend to Diesdog  ??? ….
Hope he fi-na-ly realized Diesdude is and always will be, the only Dieselfreighterlocomotive with stubborness to match  ::) . As aaarrrrch as he was for the passed few weeks and on his birthday… It seemed to have flown out the window by the very next day. I just hope it stays that way  ;D …… :-\ but knowing dieselweasle….. no such luck, nope, he’ll try his rebelroutine again one day  😛 .

And oyah Suz  ::) , he not need to be anymore naughty than he already is. His little face says ‘evil’ all the way when he is in his ‘devlish mood’. I should have called him Ozzy (was my alternative name to pick). The prince of darkness … would have suited him very well hahaha  😀 .

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