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I am sorry you feel that way Diesel but it is the truth – I dont post here much as I am really busy studying at the moment … and I was genuinely really shocked.

So they’re not beating him …. it doesnt mean I cant be shocked that they let their kids behave like this.

Claire….. what i value most when people ask for advice is 1 are they willing to take advice at all and 2 (maybe even more important to me) do they have bad intentience. If one makes mistakes but intentiences were well meant, than there is no need to beat that person up.

You can tell the truth, you can tell it in a straight way, but being straight in words or downright insulting are 2 different things.
Yes Clair, you did, you were insulting her by pointing your finger and shouting ‘YOU this’ and ‘YOU that’. She was looking for advice but all that came out of it now was that she scared away. She was reaching out and didn’t realize she was doing it wrong…..
Did you yourself scare her away, or did she just stay away? Well, we’ll never know unless she replies herself, so i am not going to say you are the reason. Do not think that is what i am thinking or accusing you of.

Don’t get me wrong Clair, i like straightforward people, as i am not knows as ‘mister-wise-in-choosing-his-words’ myself. And yes, you can accuse myselfy of being rude too and be right about that many times too. But there is a line between straightforward, rude ànd insulting.
And i can even understand one can take it out on the wrong people if one is under stress. Yes, even that you can accuse myselfy of too. But…. it does not make me being right  😉

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