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He belongs to a friend of mine – he’s her puppy in spirit … in that he looks very much like her and has her clever brains too …

So … the answer is actually neither πŸ˜‰

He’s just had a rubbish start – 3 homes in 10 weeks … that you cannot resist falling in love with him !!

Bonnie is being such a good mum dog to him and we’re doing our best (with guidence from auntie bev) to whip him into good boy puppy shape as he’s missed out on ALOT bless him.

Claire x

p.s. Bonnie was speyed before I owned her, this boy has obviously come from very similar type breeding tho the jury is out on if he’ll be a lurcher … he is super leggy but that could all change once he has proper food inside him and gets over spending 10 weeks in ikky places πŸ™

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