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The emphasis on YOU is not shouting or insulting – it is in capitals to highlight the point that it is not their childrens or the dogs fault as they seem to imply but theirs for allowing it to happen.  This is obvious from the sentance construction which is clearly contrasting different viewpoints.

They asked for advice on how to teach their children to “deal with him” … if they do not grasp their fundamental mistake that it is not the childs or the dogs fault – how will they apply the advice which follows?

As for you implying that I caused them not to come back (regardless of whether you are thinking or accusing – you are implying it) I seriously doubt that – when people get to this stage they are in grabbing at straws mode, I expect one of 3 things are much more likely 1. they got a trainer, 2. they got rid of the dog or 3. they got advice from other places first.

Why do I think this … ?  Simple … they had nearly a month to reply to Kiz post which went up the same day and didnt bother. 


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