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Just incase anyone should think I am making it up as I go along …….. I have just been and found some references ……

quote :

All caps is usually used for emphasis. It is commonly seen in the titles on book covers, advertising, billboards, and in dramatic newspaper headlines. Short strings of words in all caps appear bolder and “louder” than mixed case

Which I think is near enough exactly what I said.

here’s another example … notice it refers to ‘messages written all in capitals’

quote :

messages written in all capital letters are reminiscent of trying to hold a conversation in which one person is shouting every word while others are speaking at a normal volume.

and another …

quote :

Capital letters are best left for their intended usage and, sparingly, to emphasize a particular word or phrase.

You are of course welcome to your own opinion about me but I would respectfully suggest that you do not try to bad mouth me by using justifications that dont exist.


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