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Dexters like that with Aeryn – recently was walking the two boys to the park, manny got attacked by this american bulldog sometime back ( long story but has taken me months to get him anywhere near sociable) anyway the fookin thing was only off the lead AGAIN, comes running over takes one look at manny and launched himself ( mannys screeaming the second he seen it which didnt help!!) anyways manny is unfortunately right behind aeryns buggy and this dog didnt give a shit how it got to manny long as he got him – except dex doesnt like dogs that do that round aeryn, in his whole life ive never seen my calm gentle boy turn like that – he literally knocked the thing off its feet, and good thing as it missed aeryns face by centimetres  :nono: thankfully the owner then grabbed his dog as dex still was in full on im gonna bite your bloody face off!! thankfully hes still brill with other dogs but he def very protective of aeryn…….but weirdly its manny she loves, its manny she feeds – she never feeds the others just manny…….

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