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when nic posted the pics about the various bully forums he did get some stick :canadian: :canadian: :canadian: but it about knowing your dog…the way you raise the baby…setting the boundaries…teaching the dog what you will allow and what you want …not panicking and getting stressed and yelling and excluding…and importantly establishing trust…so many folk only try to alter the routines once babe has arrived but the thinking and work has to be put in first…
ok…so nic has a behaviourist for a mum and i worked with them when they first rescued lucy ( and minstral who is now an old boy of 14 bless him)…nic was raised with numerous dogs and numerous kids from friends and family and debbie was also raised with dogs and experience helps…but they had a plan in place about the basics like introductions, toys etc long before they came back from the maternity hospital… lucy is a licker….that had always been fact kisses were the norm but debbie did not want new born babe been washed from head to toe by a muddy dog for example….so they trained the kiss/no kiss while she was preggies..and put it on cue.
no dog should be left with a babe or tot…but especially a dog that is not reliable..
dylan is now 9 months and at that age of just starting to understand some of his behaviours are not acceptable….so now it time to train the baby….he already knows and understands that he can pull himself up on his feet by holding lucy’s collar but not minstals…he knows that if he crawls upto minstral then he sits and pats head but if he goes to lucy he can play and reach for her paws or play with toys with more action….this is because debbie and nic have taught him what is acceptable and tolerated by each dog…
it not just something that happens….leave it to suck and see and you got a potential time bomb…and then mum ends up stressed…dog ends up in rescue…
there is another pic that will look for….dylan is sitting on floor eating a biscuit and lucy is lying right next to him to eating a bone…both know that my biscuit my bone rule is in place…debbie knows and trusts lucy with a bone as a resource…minstral on the other hand is out the room with his…
takes work… not chance  🙂
you get out what you put in….it’s the way you raise them  :ok:

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