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aunty bev’s dinner…vid and pics coming soon.. 🙂

livs is on wheat free…

todays dinner

2 large pigs kidneys and pots and parsnips and cauli and carrots and gluten free couscous…she a piglet  😀


i cook in a dog wok..but on cooker will do

tip in kidneys in a litre of water…add the peelings from yesterdays dinner we had…pots skins carrot skins parsnip skins…

bring to boil


chopped potato a sliced carrot a sliced parsnip and the leaf trimmings from a cauli
( we having cauli cheese today)

cook until pots soft…turn off heat…add couscous and olive oil

justgiveitmewhatswiththecameraamhungryputitonboxffs  :confused: livia

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