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mmm..well can only go on what you have said…if you starve her her liver will start producing bile and she may sick that up…that often means folk go back to vet and vet does check this that other blah blah
what i do…and you know i had these old boyos with pancreatic probs…ted has had pancreatic cancer now for over a year….just like falkor had

after an attack…day 1 i feed mash and narnies…
day 2 mash and chicken…i wait for a poo…if it mucus loaded or if they sick…i stick to mash and narnies…if it not i do 1/3 boiled chicken and 2/3 mash…until the attack has subsided..i then feed no fat oil fatty meat etc for 3 days…but i do offer veg and lean meats…until i am confident the attack is over…then we go back to normal feeding…

your concern at the moment should more around the trigger???

hugs to the girlie

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