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ok will try that.
trigger could be food? or underlying?
Tues eve and morn she had Lamb 1/3 of a KG pack for morning and for tea, monday mon eve – fresh raw  2 sardines with pumkin flesh and some seeds morn she head 1/2 pack of nature diet (lamb). Sunday eve 1/2 pack of nature diet (lamb) morn turkey and tripe natural instinct. prior to that natural instinct or tinned sardines, with natural instinct  normally she has chicken and turkey, recently had chick lamd and turkey tripe, pure tripe as this is what we had in – maybe too rich for her???
Is food the trigger?? guess i need to get her over this attack and see what it is that triggers it if it food or something else.
she does have mucus poos every once in a while i will be honest and say i did not realise this was pancreas and thought it was anal glands emptying  🙁

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