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youtwoarebadbadbadandneedsmackedbottoms  >:(  >:( amilou

makesachangeitusuallyme  :gum:  :gum: percyperce

shedidititwasherfaultshemademejoininshesaidwecouldandthensheblamedme  :embarrass: cubert

liarliarfeathersonfireyoudidititwasyouyousaidyoudoitallthetimeanditwouldbefun  >:D >:D livia

went back to bed with a throbbing headache this morning…mo was in bathroom….i was just dropping off to sleep when i heard mo shouting what are you two doing bad pair go and lie down and behave…

they had played tuggy with and then ripped up her new mag  ;D ;D

one of them must have pulled it out of the paper stand  :suspious:

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