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lol  ;D
it good stuff…
denes sell in powder form for pets…my lot like it ‘real’

How Liquorice can help dogs and cats

    One of the main uses of liquorice is in treating stomach ulceration. This is due to its action as a soothing demulcent. This effect can be put to good use along the whole length of the digestive tract making this remedy ideal to use in treating vomiting (gastritis), colitis and some forms of diarrhoea. Liquorice is also reputed to lower stomach pH
    Liquorice is often used as an expectorant and is commonly prescribed to help treat respiratory problems. It will help loosen bronchial secretions and so is of value in treating catarrh, coughs and bronchitis as well as some types of asthma
    Acting as a mild laxative, in larger amounts, Liquorice makes an ideal remedy to help with some types of constipation
    Liquorice is also a mild antispasmodic and can be used in the treatment and prevention of abdominal colic where it is of benefit in relieving pain
    As a tonic, Liquorice can be used to help strengthen the body and assist recovery where exhaustion has been a problem

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