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swelling of the vulva
more licking washing slurping of bits
nipples may be more obvious
will wee more often
wee smell different…you can smell the hormones
mopey clingy behaviour
sometimes increase in narkyness (pmt lol)
a show/light discharge just before the blood comes
winges whines generally miserable

oh…and mum mum i need a ‘s**g’

the way she manages the 1st season is what you got for life lol…often not much
bleeding in first season…dont forget she will go clear around day 12 ish that when she will be most fertile and putting out the ready to mate signals..and she aint done until she had another bleed after that…she may get tummy ache…i use st johns wort…and a dog can smell her from 5 miles away

have fun


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