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i would wean off the steroids….then i would continue with the anti his while itching going on…but…i would also call vet have a rant and insist that scrapes are taken and as that should have been done on the last visit i wouldnt pay another consult fee  >:D but you know me lol…at least if you have a scrape done it will either exclude any form of mite or tell you it a form of mite and then you know what you are dealing with…

cube only gets an itch from nettles at this time of year…new growth doesnt bother him but when they seed it does…to help him with this i spray his coat with vals coat spray to add extra oil coating…but you in limbo land as you need to know the trigger

val may be able to help on this one…as to why…whats in it i just accept what they tell me but…if ami starts an itch…she grazes like hell on watercress…she loves it anyway and munches away like a cow in clover when she finds it in streams etc….but when she itchy she will really ask for it if we eating it…so i give it to her…

the bald patches are the worry…i would sure be thinking mite of sometype…

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