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Kiz: All counties. & cities that I know of require dog owners to register their dogs with them. Fees vary from $10/yr to at least $28/yr that I know of. Of course there are so many counties & cities in America I couldn’t say that some might not be higher.  The reasons given for this requirement vary. Some localities say the fees help finance the county run animal control facilities which consist of kill shelters & animal control officers & their vehicles to pick up stray animals & conduct other business. Some say it pays for county-issued tags that dogs are supposed to wear in case they get lost or escape & bite someone. Since you can only get a county issued tag w/proof of rabies vac, dogs who bite & are recognized or identified by their county tag (assuming they are caught or recognized by victim or witness) can be determined as to whether they have up-to-date rabies vac. If they are up-to-date they usually are quarantined for 10 – 14 days (sometimes longer) depending on local or state law (I forget which). They say this is done to make sure vac was effective in case dog recently came in contact w/rabid animal (usually wild animal that has wondered onto owners property–raccoons, skunks & foxes most often, but also feral cats). If biter is OK after designated time period, dog is released to owner & owner pays for room & board. However, if biting dog is not up-to-date  w/vac or if dog cannot be found, there is big problem. TV news shows make announcement to try to get public’s help in locating dog. If not found, victim must have series of painful shots since rabies almost always fatal. It used to be very long series in the abdomen–said to be very painful, even if small child. And since children more often are the victims of dog bites, situation was bad. There was & is enuf rabies in this country that parents could not take chance of child dying. Neither could adult victims. If unvaccinated dog was found, I’ve read of dif courses of action including quarantining dog for long period of time–sometimes victim getting shots in meantime. After long time if dog doesn’t show rabies, he released to owners w/huge boarding bill. Some owners, when told how long dog has to stay at animal control shelter & how big bill will be, consent to have dogs head cut off to test for presence of rabies. It sometimes
matter of finances. But personally I believe it most often matter of not really being attached to dog emotionally–not bonded as family member. In my case, as 9 yr old child bitten by pit bull (back when you rarely saw pit bulls or staffies in my neighborhood), the dog had just gotten out of quarantine for biting someone else & owners still allowed him to run lose. Third day of running lose he chased me down on my bike & bit me. Totally traumatized me. Would panic any time any dog got near me for yrs. Stopped riding bike for long while which had been daily after school play since 6 yrs old. Could not touch any dog no matter how “friendly” until a grown women. Still start to hyperventilate when any bully breed comes near me. Nothing against board members with bully breeds. In fact I admire & appreciate your working w/your dogs to socialize, train & show love. Thank you for that. As for my phobia of bully breeds, don’t think will ever go away. Trauma was just too great. I think I believed he was going to kill me. But back to rabies, rabid cat went after sheltie on next street from mine 2 summers ago. Cat had no tags or tatoo so animal control had head cut off & tested positive for rabies. I talked to owner of sheltie–said vac was up-to-date but her vet had her come in for booster. Know vacs aren’t always popular on Dog Board & I agree with a lot of what’s said, but I can’t blame elderly lady for doing everything possible to ensure her sheltie’s life. Have read when human gets rabies, they are placed in coma so will not feel horiffic, agonizing & terrifying (patient becomes very paranoid & loses mind cuz rabies brain/central nervous system disease) symptoms. A teenage girl somehow survived rabies a few yrs back & was big, BIG news cuz nearly unheard of. Oh & vets are now required to report to our county every dog they vac for rabies, then county sends you a bill. Send in check, county sends you tag. Reason I keep tag in purse instead of on dog, they already have 2 noise making tags each. Third would wake me at night for sure every time they shake. Already annoys me during day if have headache or feeling little stressed. Just hate that sound. If checked by officer at park where we walk will have county tag in car. Then no fine. As to tatoos, have seen only 1–on a dog trainers coton de’ tulear (sp). Must be others out there, but have not heard or read of them. None of my vets ever mentioned it either. Sounds like good idea, maybe just hasn’t been promoted the way chips have been. And chips have been very strongly promoted in last few yrs. Kiz, I’m sure you already knew some of this, but didn’t know which part so just told everything I knew LOL. So no offense intended if I over explained. Everybody knows you the go-to person for dog info. That’s why I PM’d you & thanks for answering!! Oh also am reading your “rant” about dog food–will take a while to read all of it & “d-i-g-e-s-t” it. HeHe, couldn’t help myself.                               

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