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Hi Bev, has been a while hope you and the pack are doing ok ;D

I did think about the normal remedies but as it was going to be a couple of months I wasnt sure if they were ok. Ive just had a look at the zyklene and it does look good, might try him on the sweet potato mash and see how he is as he might settle down in a few weeks once hes got used to me packing.

Ive just had a load of my fiances stuff brought over and started boxing things and had to move Stans feeding area into the kitchen (which he was previously banned from) so it might just have been a bit to much all at once and thats got him worried.

Dont worry Bev Im not re-enforing it ;D when he has an accident, I calmly take him outside, he now has pee-pee on comand so that helps, then clean it up before going back to what I was doing.

He does stress easily bless him so if I can make things a little easier for him then Im happy


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