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Kiz: Fraggle & Brady loved the raw egg & shell! Gave each 1/2 egg in their bowls outside just in case they messy. Both ate the shells first–made quick work of them. Then Brady ran straight to door asking to go in–don’t know what that was about. But then he still occasionally lives in his own little world. Just 70% normal haha. Fraggle spent next 10 minutes circling small area searching for any dropped pieces (didn’t find any  hehe).  Feel inspired to finally take plunge & try to go raw. Yes, that’s right, been holding on to deep dark secret (shame). They already eat naners on regular basis, will buy live yogurt, neck bones next time I shop. Also liver, read on board recently how to make dried liver treats, will need to find again.  Are whole raw oats the kind you get at feed stores for horses? Not that I know anything about horses, but know where horse feed store is. Anywhere else they sell them?  Not in hot cereal section of grocery store, have looked before. Hmm… have thought about this for a long time, vet discouraged me, told me never feed bones.  This going to be adventure…maybe should chronicle progress on new thread.  Haven’t started a thread yet, but how hard could it be?  :happy:

As for shrimp, yes they big, all sizes referred to as shrimp, don’t think I’ve heard of prawns terminology.  :gum:


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