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Lass is right, Bev. Ronquiere is what i breed  😉 .
Half of my stock are already ‘freezer ready’, other half are … Flying allover the place. This week we found 4-5 of them on top of the roof of the house, they escaped from the barn and came over to where the food is  ::) . Should have taken a pic of the Christmasfreezerstock ontop of my house. Took a while for Diesel to find them all the way upthere. You should have seen Diesel’s face when he spotted them. Was like
  ‘ :what: … Wtf… How am i suppost to get up there to get them back???’ rotflol

Should have seen my face too  😛 , cause i got hit on the head by one’s wings when she flew down from the roof. That’s when i looked up, saw the others  :canadian: hahahaha.

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