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They are both UK breeds which means that stock that is around the world is bred on the original lines.
So back in time they are all the same blood stock the English have a far better breeding track record than say the USA they are not the same dogs as you get here in either breed they have become far more exaggerated over the year abroad, here they are are still beardies and clumbers even if we don’t like whats in the ring sometimes.
Take the Pekes they come from a very small gene pool in the UK as the numbers smuggled out was small, but there were some that went to the USA and a few other places so when the gene pool needs some fresh blood we can buy it in like my Mia she is sired by a Hong Kong bred dog they still breed them small and cobby with the correct coat now in the USA they are bigger with long straight coats that takes years of breeding to breed it out and to do so we would be crossing back into the UK dogs to get the size and coats back so at the end of the day this outcross really is not worth it.
If it was poodles then it would be fine as different lines left France to go all over the world and the breed is long coated and exaggerated which is not the way beardies or clummies should be.
This is one reason why breeds in trouble are usually UK ones as their are not enought places to get new blood imported the few beardies I have seen imported have not been a great success it’s the same genes just tossed another way LOL

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