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the work that rae furness did has gone awol…my first lass was a raycroft line…she was fine and healthy apart from minor entropian …which made me decide not to breed her…jeez…when i think what has been bred since…still think the healthiest clumbers are coming from the working/show matings…but then i am biased or maybe was just lucky with cubert..he hasnt any issues…hasnt even been to the vets since 10 weeks of age..still also think that many of the health issues are due to over medicating and not feeding/raising them correctly….folk are losing the ‘lore’ for keeping these types of old breed dogs…met a couple in a nottingham park…had 2 adult clumbers and a pup…pup was all of 16 weeks old and they were bragging about how much stamina pup had and that they had just walked 5 miles and still hadnt managed to wear him out  ::) as he was acting like a loon between having gravy bones stuffed in his mouth…rae furness was a tough old so and so…and could be very intimidating…but she new her stuff and was a guiding light…she taught me all i know about keeping clumbers…and never lost track of a pup from her lines…too many breeders today sell and move onand
edward the so called 8th had much to answer for…hope he rotting in hell  >:D >:D

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