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Bicarb my dear bicarb to be honest I never bath my girls either breed before I show and if they get three baths a year they are lucky.
I also use a very small amount of shampoo about a teaspoon then a put it in one of my bottle add water and do the oily bits like behind the ears,beardie beards round the girly bits then over the body no conditioners. Job done.
The rest of the time I groom using talc with cornflower on the little ones and the beardies get a face and feet job I used to towel dry their face and feet and put bicarb in while they were damp then take it out at the show.
I guess the one Suz saw has not had a dunk in the river or in my case sea.
Not singing my own praises but I was known for presentation.
If you are judged by old school judges they will put a shampooed dog down as the texture of the coat is lost both beardies and clumppies should have a water repellent coat remember the KC say Fit for Purpose and a coat that lets in the rain is not fit for purpose 

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