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Re: Importing dogs


yep yep iz…know where you are on the size…but…it not that many years or tears genetically that judges were going for the larger sizes and it now only recently that the KC has said smaller…and it takes time to alter a breed standard no? but…i know cubes top height…and you know that baffles me somewhat…as dad isnt and mum is so tiny…but…
you ever really studied the old pics…i mean the pics of clumbers that saved the breed? the boys..and they working stock remember…they about cube’s size …the girls are ami’s size…
my question would be why they saying less height? the old breed were still heavy boned…it about proportion…it about bone mass and its development…it about raising….think of percy…when i picked him up he was barely taller than livia…yep he had an early castrate but…he had been fed crap…look at him now…he as tall as cubes…he still as camp as a row of tents but…he has good bone…nature had sent him into retarded growth mode and as soon as he was getting the correct food…nature kicked in…they a specialist breed…they need more than…they need understanding…they saying less height because whats about today does not have the raising/breeding to carry the height with the mass that the breed was bred to originally have….

forget the breed show standards for the minute…look at what was the ‘ideal’ standard for the field in the 1900’s…that is what they were bred for…and that is what they needed to be….in MHO? it is what they need to be now to save the breed…it is what R furness was trying for…

this is king edward v11 ideal clumbers…and by doG he loved the breed and all our clumbers…. from what was left after his grandson ordered their murder …are from his dogs….they were his fave dogs and he knew what was needed for the shoots…he knew what made a healthy clumber…

‘The appearance of the Clumber is one of a well proportioned, very strong dog with a thoughtful pensive look. The head should be large and square with a broad skull that is deep and with a pronounced stop. The muzzle needs to be heavy and square. The eyes are deeply set and show a small amount of haw and have thoughtful but intelligent gaze. The ears are large and vine leaf shaped, hanging forward and covered with thick hair, both feathered and tucked. The neck is long. broad and thick going down to a long, low-set body with a  broad deep chest and well-sprung ribs. the dog needs to have strong, powerful shoulders; straight well-boned front legs and muscular hind legs with low hocks and well set to stifles. The docked tail needs to be set low. The coat is dense, waterpoof but straight or with slight curl, lying flat and silky. The coat colours are white with light liver marks, sometimes with masking and ticking. The Clumber Spaniel is a strong looking working dog with a thoughtful gaze.’

mind what you said? about cuberts neck and chest width…? and yep his hocks sure are low…and his back legs to stifles are so well set i thought he had a problem  ::)
how many boys have you seen in the ring with heavy haw…how many top heavy…with weak stifles…how many short backed girls have you seen…
this breed will only survive when the original breed is bred back…and …sorry but…bugger the show ring…bugger the show standard…they have lost the plot…

and val…with you totally on imports generally…but actually…that pup iz… :agree: because sadly…there is little left that looks like the breed should in this country…for me anyway


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