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Charlie showed it to me saying this would be me with Lunar and i said no it wouldnt because she wouldnt be off the lead around that many deer.

I think its all about common sense and knowing your dog – I could easily walk my boys around those deer and they wouldnt bat an eye lid if they did want to herd because we herd not chase they are easily downed IF they were sheep then not a chance they would be herded into a flock in no time and moving towards me. Cleo on the other hand would look at the sheep with no intrest and not want to chase the deer. In all honesty Lunar and Meg wouldnt be bothered by the deer at all i dont think but i wouldnt risk Lu shes only 10 months old and hasnt really been tested to that sort of level and i would think the sheep would be herded again.

This guy clearly shouldnt have had his dog off lead around so many animals without a fantastic recal/down so really hes just a bit of prat – why have the dog off lead ?

*on the other hand we met a man a few days ago with 4 horrid JRT’s who ran up to the collies all full of themselves and gobby – who decided that Obans leg looked tasty and now has a huge chunk missing out of it – dogs again that shouldnt have been off the lead*

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