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I have the same argument every time me and my sister try and do anything with our dogs together. She has two ‘over friendly cavies’ who have no recall at all so it’s fine to run away to see other dogs because they just want to say hello and make friends and they come back when they are done ::)

We have the same argument over and over again but she still insisted that what she does may be wrong but because 95% of the public do it then it is okay to do. :boooo:

Last walk we were on was a big football field, across the other side was a man walking a rough collie on lead…. Getting closer i put Uno on lead, told her she should do the same as one of the reasons the man may have his dog on lead for is because it doesn’t like other dogs…… she said what a load of bull it is a big fluffy collie of course it isn’t going to be nasty to them. fortunately the dog was okay but what happens next time if the other dog isn’t! grrrr drives me up the wall!!

Yet if it had of been a staffy or shepherd on lead across the field she would have put them straight on lead and gone in the other direction :surrender:

We no longer do any dog related activities together!

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