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hmm well dunno cos aeryn rarely sleeps in sleepsuits – we like ps in this house haha! but we do have sleeping bags – i could staple blankets too her and she would still screw them up in a ball then cry cos she got cold!! so sleeping bag it is cos we def DONT do heating on at night!!
however we never need to vacumn after meal times haha! howevers here an interesrting one bev – dex has first say on food in this house be it given or dropped – manny knows that – but mannys the ONLY one who goes near highchair, the other 2 may hovver but they let manny get the food……and aeryn wont feed any of them except manny!! even to the point she went to give dex some food lasty night realised it was him and turned away and fed it to manny…… :surrender:

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