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Well bev i am not really good at putting stuff into words…..i can only go on what ive seen, but manny never seems to do anything without checking its ok with dex first does that make sense?

is hard with dex and honey dex has started warning her off the food bowls etc, and she will wander off and wait, manny is very submisseve to dex dex can take what he wants off him but not vice versa – unless dex dont want it, i dunno dex is nothing like hoey shes a real just do as i say kinda girl and theres never any question as to what she means haha – dex is much more laid back, where as honey used ot tell dex off and shed really go to town on him – dex will just get manny gently by the side of his face and lays him down on the floor – then walks off – is probably a bit more complex than that but its what i see ๐Ÿ˜‰

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