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OK, understand mom is doing major reinforcing, can easily see that.  And realize baby in possible future danger zone. And understand danger is that there can be dog fight w/baby in middle of it. Understand can be any breed doing guarding.  Understand mom should teach dobe not to guard. Is this what you are saying? If not, tell me.

Ok, now… am not as experienced as others on board. One of several reasons I’m here is to learn from members w/more experience.  Another reason is to wonder about doggie subjects. Even sometimes express opinion when I have one.  My “wonder” thought this time is “why does dobe or any dog originally start to guard baby?”  Can understand bone, but why baby?  Does he consider baby a “resource”, or what?  In other words, why he guarding family member from his pack mates?  Is it he doesn’t trust pack mates? Does he want babe all to himself?  Or what?  Just wondering what makes a dog do that.  Just curious. Have no babes, no nieces or nephews. None of my 3 dogs in my lifetime ever had opportunity to do this. So seems curious behavior to me. Maybe not that unusual after all. 
But still want to know why dogs would do this.  Remember, “why, why, why”?  Me, too.  My motto since birth. Partly why here & haven’t left, like so many newbies.  Need smily face for “why”.


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