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Frags asked for an update so here goes.

Sorry Kiz still sleeping on the sofa :embarrass: not all Willows fault. It took 6 weeks for my leg to start to heal, going up and down stairs I tried to avoid as much as possible. I can now go for a shower or wash and blow dry my hair and although she lays in the hall waiting for me there is no whining or distress.
Willow has come out of herself a lot since little Ami came on the scene, they have become good mates.
We had a couple of set backs, once when my son got rattled when his computer was playing up so he was shouting and swearing at it,
Willow freaked and took to her bed cowering, I called him and when he realised he had frightened her he came down stairs and acted daft with her till she relaxed.
Unfortunately my ex still turned up every other week with cat food ( I had a choice between I take care of his cat and he pays for the food for all the cats or he took the cat to the vets and had it put down), she did all she could to avoid him so I made sure that she didn’t see him when he came.
Had no choice with the cat food as I had to trim down all household expenses before I could afford to run the house and I couldn’t let the cat be put down.
Think she was picking up from me as even though she didn’t see him, the last twice when he was due to come she was upset and peed the night before and the day he came ๐Ÿ™
Told him it would be better to just put the money through the door and leave but he refused to, he wanted to bring the food. Told him he was upsetting the dog so if he wouldn’t do as I asked he could stick the cat food up his a***
He will be leaving us alone from now on >:D
Willow has now settled down again so onwards and upwards hopefully.

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