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Must object to two separate comments made on YouTube.  First of all, it is NOT very common for dogs in most states to be allowed to run loose in parks “in grassy fields”. This is seen on TV fiction a lot, but this is not reality.  Some parks forbid dogs altogether, due to complaints of some owners not picking up after their dogs.  The largest park in the next city enforces it’s no dogs allowed rule w/fines. It does have a small adjoining fenced in area known as a dog park, where you can let your dog off leash to play w/other dogs while you supervise.  But it is small, & the only one in that city.  My county has no dog park at all, even tho well populated county.  Dogs are allowed only on leash. Have found this very common policy.

Secondly, even if driving slow, panicked deer over here will sometimes run into side of your vehicle.  This has happened to me twice on separate occasions, both by bucks w/antlers, damaging my car each time. Deer can come through windshield,hurting driver or passenger, occaisionally kiiling one of them.  They also make you lose control of your car, then anything can happen.


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