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Careful what you wish for, Lass, or Willow might recover from the loss ‘too well’ like Diesel is doing now  ::) .
For some reason the cat is his best friend now. They countersurf TOGETHER. Diesel will tell where the good stuff is, telling the cat to get upthere and push it off the counter. And he can lick the cat for hours until he starts coughing due to all the cathair in his throat.
And in the morning, i and sunshine wake up totally cramped up both on 15cm of each side of our kingsizebed because Diesel sneaked on the bed between us, knowing that in our sleep we will move to make space thinking it is the weight of one of our kids  😮 .

Although he is still a little … Like ‘upset’ when we all go for a walk with him. No way he can walk infront and behind of the kids at the same time. Used to be Wodan infront, Diesel behind the kids. Now he just keeps cirkling around them in big circkles, never leaving them out of his sight. If it is just me taking him out, than he will have his ears pointed at me at all times, and sticks like velcro to my leg if we meet something/someone. Constantly running back to me and wanting to be praised how good he is if he happens to wonder off more than 10-15ft.

You’ll see, sweetie, Willow will get there. Slowly, but she will  😉 . Just like Diesel is getting there.

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