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Bev, vit E oil from a capsule that I would take orally?  And no, don’t know cause, comes & goes…never had scraping…never heard of harvest mites or midge mites.  We have “midges” which are like knats…small, flying, biting bugs.  Had an aloe vera plant that died, need to get another for Fraggle & me both.  Would you happen to know which variety best?  Can buy dif varieties here.  Oh, maybe proper question for Val.  Val, can you please suggest a couple preferred varieties, if any?  Does hibis burn at all?

Suz, am wondering, does judge mark down (off?) for scabs, sores, bites?  Fraggle itchy dog frequently, too.  I need to read thread on hibis…saw title one day…trying to read too many topics at one time…

Bev, does sea salt water not burn once itchy spot has been irritated to point of red or esp opened?

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