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Did not see show–no TV.  But don’t get me started…my biggest pet peeve re: dogs next to cruelty & neglect…intentially breeding dogs that will have a good chance of being unhealthy & suffering when could have been prevented…Shame, Shame, Shame.  Shame on those breeders.  And shame on AKC for giving papers to puppy mill dogs & not doing proper regular inspections (as they claim) & for not requiring all appropriate health tests before giving papers.  AKC has power to do so much, but care more for themselves & their money & high class image (not earned–really lowest of low, pretending to care about dogs…BS).  The people who truly care about dogs well-being are rescue people who volunteer their precious time & money to help all dogs including dogs suffering as a result of AKC policies & actions.  Hate AKC, puppy mills, bad breeders.  Major topic close to my heart.  These people have no conscience when it comes to dogs.  S-H-A-M-E

    Fragusa, Citizen, United States of America

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