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Good luck, sweety. Your future babe will be, no doubt about it. But… don’t take second best just because it’s at hand and because it is NOW. Go for the best you can find and nothing less. You want your -in future if you breed- puppies to be top of the bill.
If it smells ‘funny’ or if there is ANY doubt, than (if i was you…) hold back. You want pride in what you do and in your dogs. Second best will only bring hurt. (take it from someone who breeds birdies and THOUGHT he had good ones until he learned it the hard way.  And i am talking bout ‘only’ a bird. You don’t want to learn it the hard way with a beautiful creature as man’s best friend  😉 )

Apart from the above…Goodluckgoodluckgoooooodluck, honey  :-* .

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