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well dex was 12 weeks – manny was 16 weeks ( both older as kept back as possible show dogs, dex didnt quite make the very high grade – manny did but looked like he was retaining his testicle and breeder decided to sell didnt bother me he was always going to be more pet than show dog – his testicles did both drop though in the end!!)

I def think having dex that bit earlier than i did manny made a difference – but it hard cos they different breeds and so very different in themselves! HOWEVER dex had HUGE exposure ot both dogs and people when a pup as he came to my shop and he is without a doubt brilliant with people and kids – and dogs. manny got good exposure to both but not as much probably as much as the average dog i guess but no where near as much as dex and you can tell the difference. im glad new pup will get to come to work with me cos handled right i think it done dex the world of good!

all that said BOTH my boys had good breeders – who were doing the basics with them, both were nearly housetrained just had accidents due more to new routine and me missing the signs – but they both knew to go outside – both been clean through the night from day one…..i will let you know if having my boys later than 8 weeks makes a difference as and when new puppy arrives – as hopefully will be nearer 8-10 week mark with that one.

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