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Problem over here is “teacup” pups, big scandal in dog world here.  Nonreputable, extra greedy breeders have bred down toy breeds to a rediculously tiny size cuz some buyers think they cute & will pay top dollar.  Teacups have all kinds of extra health problems & most buyers don’t know this.  Apparently will take a while to become common knowledge.  In meantime I really wish teacup buyers would do their homework before buying…thinking maybe they don’t cuz they got stars in their eyes & “I want, I want”.  Can empathize a little w/stars syndrome, almost adopted 3rd dog, 6yrs old, so sweet & loving, when there was a married couple standing right there who also wanted him.  Had to force myself to say “here, y’all take” cuz knew I couldn’t afford 3rd
dog + 6 yr old dog not right choice for me as don’t do death thing well.  Know I made correct decision, but also remember stars in my eyes feeling.

Teacups can eventually cause broken hearts & broken wallets, sometimes have to be put down early in life…don’t even want to think about poor dogs’ totally preventable suffering.  What is wrong w/teacup breeders??  Greedy & don’t care about the dogs.

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