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Dodgers was 8 weeks to the day and had 9 other litter mates. He was the first to leave. Uno was the only pup and mum rejected so he was bottle fed and part mothered by another female shepherd who had recently had pups earlier in the year. He was retained for showing but they let him go at 10 weeks because he still had a missing testicle. (Never did drop) When I collected him he was in with the older female shepherd and a 8 month old female too. He was clean throughout the night and toilet trained within 2 days! Me and Dodge upstairs and Boone slept downstairs in crate from day one. He never made a peep and is brilliant at entertaining himself!

We have a lot of people bringing 5-7 week old puppies in because their so called ‘breeders’ said they were fully weaned and ready to go………

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