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My boys never did fake toys, they prefer them toys real  ;D … As in breathing, living, walking or flying  :confused: … Wodans most fav toys were chickenyoungs when they are still fluffy and yellow. Diesel’s fav toy is the cat  ??? … Cat’s fav toy is… Diesel  ::) .

Until the cat came they used to drag ‘sticks’ (read: whole trees) into the house and a basketball. Tennisballs… If Diesel gets hold of one, he’ll destroy it in a sec.

Special Christmas pressies for animals i never bought. Either it nog dog-proof enough for my taste or it stinks. (have you ever smelled one of those special Christmastreats for dogs?? Really, most time they stink baaaaad  :death: )

Oops forgot the Kongs. Got a few big black ones as pressies.

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